RED CARAVAN Presents: The Beehive Collective

A Series for the 2017/2018 Season to benefit Days For Girls

One Bee featured every month, July 2017 - December 2018.

Mêlisa Annis

a new play by Mêlisa Annis
directed by Kel Haney

Just another day for two sanitation workers in a city of 11 million people.

Martha Pichey

The Last Dumpster

a new play by Martha Pichey

directed by Allison Astor-Vargas

It’s the last day for the Castles in their family home and they’re having a very hard time filling that last dumpster. If only they could think like eldest sister Sylvie: when in doubt throw it out. But it’s a home filled with all the memories that come with the highs and lows of growing up. And when Sylvie can no longer hide from the hometown love she left behind, she’s forced to reckon with painful memories of her own.

Amy Gijsbers Van Wijk


a new play by Amy Gijsbers Van Wijk
directed by Sarah Krohn

In DIRTY DIRTY, well-known journalist Violet Miller finds herself at HardBall, a porn studio where female viewership has sky-rocketed because of a certain young performer. When Violet encounters CJ, the adult star responsible for this newfound popularity, she finds herself caught between professional obligations and personal wants. DIRTY DIRTY begs us to consider our most public selves, our most private desires, and the boundaries in between.

Heidi Armbruster

Murder Girl

a new play by Heidi Armbruster
directed by Jerry Ruiz

The state of Wisconsin has the highest per capita in both Supper Clubs and serial killers. After their mother’s death, siblings Eric and LeeAnn find themselves together in the Wisconsin woods, tending the Supper Club that is their inheritance. Family are the people you'd kill for or the people you'd like to kill. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference.

Emily Daly


a new play by Emily Daly
directed by Kate Garfield


Lindsay Joy
Sit Crooked, Talk Straight
a play by Lindsay Joy

directed by Michael Padden

The rocky coastline of Downeast Maine holds a number of secrets for the women of the Flynn family. Lynette, our gruff matriarch, is in the habit of talking to the ghost of her missing daughter. Sit Crooked, Talk Straight explores what holes are left behind after trauma and how we cope with those holes as a family.