Our Mission

RED CARAVAN aims to tell relevant, human stories through accessible, high-quality theater and community based advocacy.

A Little More...

We’re a new collective of curious, hard working, kind of nerdy artists with a variety of skills. We’re actors, directors, producers, writers, stage managers, designers; we all wear a few hats. We came together over a multitude of shared likes. We like compelling stories. We like high standards. We like a healthy mix of practicality and wild idealism. We really like making theater.


We want theater to be for everyone: theatergoers, non-theatergoers, dreamers, skeptics, people whose stories aren’t usually told on stage, that guy over there on his phone. We want to create stories that speak to the things we ALL have in common.

We like bringing people together. To that end, we want our work to provide real platforms for hands-on advocacy. So, we’re making relationships with some incredible community organizations here in New York City. Alongside our inaugural production of RubberMatch, we created the RED CARAVAN Reads series to benefit New Alternatives, an organization devoted to increasing the self-sufficiency of homeless LGBT youth. For our next project, RED CARAVAN Presents: The Beehive Collective, we partnered with the NYC chapter of Days for Girls, which works to provide sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education to girls and women across the globe.


So, hi! We’re RED CARAVAN. We hope you join the ride.